domingo, 31 de julho de 2016

The movement "heroines without neck" and why it worries me

Before you say anything, I know that pop / culture nerd / geek is sexist. The space given to the female audience is insignificant to mention that in the course of history there have been very few heroines prominently.

Times change, the industry was realizing this and started to open the space for them as we see in movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, New Ghostbusters and The Hunger Games (based on a book) .

The good thing is that we have women as protagonists and with attitude, wins alone diversities without man, to come to save them from danger.
But for all this, women have to feel represented and seem not mere ornaments in the stories or sex objects.

With the help of social networks, they gain voices (not always women) and point out what is wrong with the image of women relationship both in film, TV and comic books. This started to generate debate of recantation women within the fictional universe.

 If it's all right, then why am I so concerned about this?

Before answering, I will make one thing clear: I like and do sexy heroines point.
What worries me is how far it will reach. At what time my work will become prohibited and rejected the point of just a neck appearing to be something extremely bad.
Or when to show a villain, even villain, hitting a heroin or doing something worse was cut stories not to impress the audience (even if said adults).

But the industry has the right to censor things that are not according to your policy is correct. But he referred me to another case that happened in the 50s that was endorsed by the public and my concern is that this be repeated in a new version hidden in an authentic right of representation.

Still think exaggeration in my concerns? 

See the Spider Woman image of the artist Milo Manara, an artist known for drawing sexy women, asked to draw a simple cover of heroin. It was heavily criticized for making mistakes anatomy and mainly to be appealing.

To make matters worse my "paranoia" saw change of magazine covers because of sexy uniform and change of dress characters considered sexy classic.

In a recent case, the artist Frank Cho complained that there was something "censorship" of his art in a VARIANT cover of Wonder Woman (see picture on top). The magazine writer Greg Rucka, considered ORDINARY image and showing VERY SKIN. Frank Cho could not have exposed this problem, but could be a better diplomacy, anyway.

I thought that was really something appealing, but to see the original image took me a few seconds to realize what was "vulgar".

I heard different opinions when I explained this matter. They said that this is so is the changing times. To criticize artists who portray women accusing appealing way to be ridiculing the woman.

This point makes me even more uneasy. "Making a villain" the artist why he likes to draw women sensually that does not apply to reality that both like to put in fiction shows how the public polemicizes what really do not like, even if it is something that you can easily be ignored.

Not because I like to do a half-naked character I want to disrespect all women in the world. Not because I do sex scenes with them, I want to dominate them or put them in their place. Not because drawing physically attractive women I despise and hard on yourself those that are not.

And I'm not one of those stupid men who are talking bad things to be more heroines in the middle of entertainment.

For people like me, women are like living goddesses, is our vision. If you like sex, what's wrong with that?

The major publishers and segments of the public want to make your new policy to add a more diverse audience, all right. I approve.
If you want to leave the Supergirl, Batgirl and Miss Marvel Behaved forms also approve and think lovely. But please leave the Powergirl in peace! The character can be sensual, but not without a strong and interesting personality.

 There is room for everything and if we want that such diversity, we really put into practice.

Despite all this I said, for now all is well in the current scene. But when I read about this, I'm really worried, because this strikes me as a creator and artist, even though beginner and independent.

As I said before, I like to see and draw sexy women and I want to do this in peace in the future.

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